Vedic Meditation Reviews


Hundreds of people have preceeded you in learning Vedic Meditation

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¨This course in Vedic Meditation really helped me a lot to grow. I can feel the difference before/after, as well as during the meditation there are many profound and relaxed moments. Narada is a benevolent teacher and he explains all the topics of the course from deep wisdom, while he teaches how and why to pratice. It was a great pleasure to take part in this course.”

Antoine review about the course

Antoine Bavoux

Law and Economy Student, University of Paris


“I just finished my meditation course a couple of days ago. All I can say that the benefits are already unbelievable. This kind of meditation is really simple, really easy and it’s based on simple things. You could not wish for a better teacher than Narada is. He is really easy going, friendly and his method of teaching the meditation is amazing. Since I started the course I am more calm, seeing things differently and also the quality of my sleep have improved a lot.

If your are thinking about experiencing the magic of the meditation, do not hesitate. No time or money should be an excuse because it really can be a life changing experience.
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Patrik Deak

Master Flair Bartender

“Through meditation we have a means of experiencing the essence of who we really are. Who we are beyond our body identity, beyond our thinking mind and our emotions.  Just this simple awareness of our ever present connection to the infinite; to the oneness behind all life, can have far reaching positive effects on all aspects of our lives.”

Malcolm Smith

MBA, Entrepreneur


“The course is very well-built, and it gives a really nice introduction into the world of meditation. Narada has a very calming and authentic personality. His teachings made the importance of meditation clear to me. He always gives accurate, easy-to-follow and spectacular explanations. It was a great bliss to experience what he was talking about and I could feel it already during the first try. Great course, I really suggest it to anyone.”

Krisztina review about Vedic Meditation

Krisztina Fódi

Music teacher


“I found Vedic Meditation when I needed it the most. My life was chaotic, I started to lose control, I just couldn’t handle the stress anymore. I had many health issues and I didn’t sleep well either. After meditating only for a few weeks, I can already feel significant positive improvement. Most of my problems are completely gone. I am thankful and I know that with regular meditation I will be able to live a healthier and more balanced life. THANK YOU!”

Kati review about Vedic Meditation

Katalin Rózsa



“In the days after the initiation, I realized that with less learning I am getting better results at school. Also, I feel significant improvement in my sports activity (I compete in ice hockey).”


Hanna Lendvai

Primary School Student


“I have been dealing with spirituality for many years. However, already after the first session of Vedic Meditation, I started feeling the effects very intensely. Since then I had many deep and spiritual experiences, moreover, things manifest much faster in my life. If any tension occurs, I can easily release it with mediation.”


Andrea Idul

Masseuse, Consultant, Healing Therapist


“My experience after 1 month: I am grateful that I found Narada and this beautiful technique. When I meditate, I am in complete harmony. I can reach a very deep state of mind in just a short time with Vedic Meditation. I am much more positive, emotionally stable, and my life is far more balanced than before. Vedic Meditation, I think, can be easily practiced by anyone, since it is not related to any religion or culture. Thank you for taking me into this fantastic world.”


Károly Lendvai

Knowledge & Lifestyle Therapist


It took me a while to bring myself to practice meditation twice a day. But then, the benefits were fantastic. I started to have a better control over my breathing and at the same time I became less and less stressful. After some time, I noticed that my emotions shifted gradually from egoistic to empathic. I can confirm that the practice of Vedic Meditation played and important role in manifesting my dreams and pursuing my plans.

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Tom van Breukelen

Retired Bank Employee


“I wholeheartedly recommend the Vedic Meditation Course from Narada Kush. He is a gifted speaker and teacher, as well as a precious and outgoing person. Originally, I wanted my daughter to learn this technique to make the preparation for her exams easier. However, Narada suggested that we could take the course together. Different sort of meditation techniques have always been part of my life, but I usually got distracted and I was often confused, as well. In the case of Vedic Meditation I am not in doubt at all, and the benefits are also notable. Due to Vedic Meditaiton, my life and work have been flourishing and I also see the change on the people around me.  With this technique it is easy to take steps for a peaceful and ideal world.”


Laetitia Bekker



“I’m very happy that I started doing vedic meditation with help from Narada. It has helped me to get rid of my anxiety and has given me profound personal insights. Narada is a calm and kind mentor that makes you feel comfortable right away. The meditation is super easy, all it takes is some of your time. Happily recommended!


Marjolein Roozen

Writer & Communication Specialist


“A couple of years ago I already tried to do some kind of medtiation, but stopped after some years. In 2019 I was invited to participate in the Vedic Meditation Course, facilitated by Narada Kush, and since then I meditate every day. At this point a new era has begun for me. I feel satisfied and gratuitous for the love that I receive from the people around me. My meditation practice gives peace to my soul and expands my consciousness. Besides, it is joyful to be able to sit and relax. Meditation makes life more pleasant.

Picture Peter1

Peter Lock

Ship Captain


“When I started this course I had trouble sleeping and concentrating. Now I meditate twice a day and feel an immense relaxation wash over me. It helps my mind to become more focused and calm. I feel way more rested. Narada is one of the kindest and most spiritual people I’ve ever met. I would 100% recommend this course to anyone!

Foto Sterre

Estrêla Isabeau Vogel

Student - Economics & Business Economics, University of Amsterdam


Practicing Vedic Meditation has helped me to reach a deeper level of consciousness. As a dean I have been able to make more comprehensive decisions, as a private person VM helped me to look at the world from a different angle. Now I am able to think in terms of opposites that are complementary, instead of contradictions that are excluding. I describe the feeling of the descent into the Field of Pure Consciousness the following way: ’I remain deep inside, in the timeless silence’. Narada Kush has been one of the greatest teachers in the past decades.

Prof. Will (1)

Prof. Will Dubbeling

Dean of the Dutch University College


“Vedic Meditation has opened a completely new spiritual era in my life. I am truly grateful to Narada for his blessings and teachings.”


Zsuzsanna Csiszár

Healing Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Oneness Trainer


“Learning the technique is surprisingly simple when you are guided by the right person. Only after a few days of practicing, I started feeling significantly better, but the long-term effects are even crazier: as I transformed my inner-self, the world just changed around me. I got way happier and more successful in my life thanks to Vedic Meditation.”


Gergely Kovács

International Studies MA, Entrepreneur