Vedic Meditation Course

                                     The best and simplest way to start transforming your life in just five online-steps

My Own Experiences with Vedic Meditation

When I started Vedic Meditation 40 years ago, I was very surprised about the positive changes that I experienced in my life already after a few days of practicing.
I almost instantly started to feel more inner happiness; soon after I quit smoking and became a vegetarian without any effort, like it has always been my true nature.
I was so impressed that I quit my job, working in the Dutch administration, after 3 years and since then I have been enjoying my life as a full-time meditation teacher.
I love seeing people smiling like a little child when they first experience the source of their thoughts, a unified field of unconditional peace, love and happiness that always has been stored in them.
I wish you a beautiful day and I hope to welcome you soon!

Regular practice of Vedic Meditation has shown to have physical, mental and social benefits that you also can experience in a most effortless way. Re-connecting with our inner source of peace and happiness is the solution for a life in balance and abundance.

Everything you need to know about the course...

  • Step 1: Info session
  • Step 2: Personal Instruction
  • Step 3: Check-up Session 1 (after 1-2 days)
  • Step 4: Check-up session 2 (after 3-4 days)
  • Step 5: Check-up session 3 (after 10-12 days)

The Vedic Meditation course is offered in the English, Dutch and Hungarian languages. Also other languages are possible if a competent translator can be part of it. Other than this there are no requirements for the application.

In the future, if you have any questions you can contact Narada Kush for no extra fee, and he will help you.

  • A simple, effortless meditation technique from an ancient tradition of Vedic wisdom
  • How to learn Vedic Meditation – prof. Narada will guide you step by step.
  • How and why Vedic Meditation works
  • All the key principles to achieve the best results
  • Benefits and the purpose of Vedic Meditation

After the first meeting, you will be able to meditate alone and enjoy all the benefits for the rest of your life. After the Personal Instruction there are 3 follow-up lessons, where we will make sure that you practice Vedic meditation correctly.

During the first few meditations, most people already experience more inner peace and deep physical rest. Not long after, mental and physical benefits will develop, such as more inner happiness, regular blood pressure and good sleep.

No one ever asked for a refund. Nevertheless, if you don’t like the meditation course, you can get your money back.


Transforming the World by Transforming Ourself

The purpose of practicing Vedic Meditation is to connect our active mind with its inner source, which is a field of pure, silent consciousness. That infinite field of bliss is our essence, our real home. 

*After purchasing for the Vedic Meditation course, Narada will contact you to make an appointment for the first session.


Here are some of them:


I just received this beautiful message from one of my students, Bence

Bence is the current Hungarian Street Workout Champion, GymBeam ambassador and entrepreneur, so he faces a lot of challenges in life. During the consultations, he mentioned that he felt way better and much more balanced already after the first couple of meditations.

Thank you very much for your kind words, Bence! I am truly happy that you are satisfied with Vedic Meditation.

¨This course in Vedic Meditation really helped me a lot to grow. I can feel the difference before/after, as well as during the meditation there are many profound and relaxed moments. Narada is a benevolent teacher and he explains all the topics of the course from deep wisdom, while he teaches how and why to practice. It was a great pleasure to take part in this course."
Antoine Bavoux
Law and Economy Student, University of Paris
"All I can say that the benefits are already unbelievable. This kind of meditation is really simple, really easy and it's based on simple things. You could not wish for a better teacher than Narada is. He is really easy going, friendly and his method of teaching the meditation is amazing. Since I started the course I am more calm, seeing things differently and also the quality of my sleep has improved a lot. If your are thinking about experiencing the magic of the meditation, do not hesitate. No time or money should be an excuse because it really can be a life changing experience."
Patrik Deak
Master Flair Bartender
"I have been dealing with spirituality for many years. However, already after the first session of Vedic Meditation, I started feeling the effects very intensely. Since then I had many deep and spiritual experiences, moreover, things manifest much faster in my life. If any tension occurs, I can easily release it with mediation."
Andrea Idul
Masseuse, Consultant, Healing Therapist