Vedic Meditation online course for Two


Bring your friend or partner, and learn Vedic Meditation together! 5 live private lessons from prof. Narada Kush.

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Learn Vedic Meditation in 5 live online lessons from prof. Narada Kush.

2 people (couples or friends) are eligible for this option, who can participate in the live sessions together.

During The Course You Will Learn
  • The most suitable variation of Vedic Meditation, that will work the best for you based on your age, life situation, etc.
  • How to do Vedic Meditation – prof. Narada will guide you step by step.
  • How and why Vedic Meditation works
  • All the key principles to achieve the best results
  • Benefits and the purpose of Vedic Meditation
Course Structure
  • Step 1: Info session
  • Step 2: Personal Instruction
  • Step 3: Check-up Session 1 (after 1 day)
  • Step 4: Check-up session 2 (after 2-3 days)
  • Step 5: Check-up session 3 (after 10-12 days)
Application Requirements

The Vedic Meditation course is offered in the English, Dutch and Hungarian languages. Also other languages are possible if a competent translator can be part of it. Other than this there are no requirements for the application.

Benefits From The First Day

After the first meeting, you will be able to meditate alone and enjoy all the benefits for the rest of your life. After the Personal Instruction there are 3 follow-up lessons, where we will make sure that you practice Vedic meditation correctly.

During the first few meditations, most people already experience inner happiness and deep physical rest. Not long after physical benefits, such as regular blood pressure and good sleep will also come.

Lifelong Support

In the future, if you have any questions you can contact Narada Kush for no extra fee, and he will help you.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

No one ever asked for a refund. Nevertheless, if you don’t like the meditation course, you get your money back.

Prof. Narada Kush

“It is always a profound experience to guide people in Vedic Meditation. I love seeing when they first realize how easy and powerful this technique is if one does it the right way. Everybody is welcome in my courses. Hope, I will see you soon.”