Prevent Coronavirus with Vedic Meditation

Prevent Coronavirus with Vedic Meditation

Most people know a lot about the coronavirus itself, therefore, this article is not dealing with the introduction and the history of coronavirus. If you want to learn more about it, please click here.

Who is vulnerable to coronavirus?

Anyone can get infected, however, based on experience and research, we know that there are certain groups of people, who are more vulnerable, also the mortality are is the highest amond these people:

  1. Older people (older than seventy years)
  2. People with weak health or diseases
  3. Recently a spiritual teacher from India explained that people, who have fearful thoughts, or often negative thoughts, also are likely to become infected by the coronavirus
Everyone, but especially people, who fall into one of the categories above, should take action to prevent coronavirus infection.

If you look at these examples, you can see that the most powerful prevention of coronavirus is good health and positive thinking. In this case, even if we get infected, with a strong immune system and the right attitude, we are much more likely to heal and recover faster. 

What can we do to prevent coronavirus infection?

Most people think that there is nothing we can do to prevent coronavirus because they only think in terms of vaccines. However, vaccines in this case are quite controversial, moreover, there are several practices, which we can implement to highly improve our chances.

Science has already shown that any modern medical practice works best if it is combined with alternative solutions. From the modern side, we are suggested to wash our hands often and properly, pay attention to hygiene, stay home and take a lot of vitamins, in order to prevent coronavirus infection. These tips can help, however, there is much more we can do. 

If you want to prevent coronavirus on a different level and create a strong foundation for your health, you should practice of Vedic Meditation every day

Hundreds of scientific research has shown that meditation improves health and cleanses the body. Furthermore, it brings a feeling of inner happiness and calmness, even if there is chaos around us, like now.

There is another reason to start Vedic Meditation. Because of the coronavirus, many people are housebound and can’t leave to work, go to school or to go out. While most alternative practices (such as reiki or deeksha) require personal presence and a relatively long time to learn, Vedic Meditation can be learnt from home with full effectiveness.

In order to use your time efficiently, you can start practicing Vedic Meditation. It will bring a variety of positive benefits already after the first day, and it will help against the coronavirus, as well. In this way, it is possible to transform a time of crisis into a golden period of your life.

Where and how can I learn Vedic Meditation?

Learning and practicing the technique of Vedic Meditation is easy, and it doesn’t take a lot of time. However, it is important to find a qualified and experienced teacher, because without the right guidance you can easily do something wrong or miss some important points

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