Contribute to World Peace with Vedic Meditation

Contribute to World Peace with Vedic Meditation

The Current Situation of World Peace

According to the ancient Vedic scriptures we are now living in the age of ignorance, and we have forgotten the wisdom of life and the related practices, such as Vedic Meditation. 

Everyone can easily see this in our world these days: poverty, national and international conflicts, epidemics, climatological changes, political and economic disasters, et cetera.  

At the moment, there are more than 20 ongoing armed conflicts in the world, and thousands of people die in violence every single day. World leaders and politicians create even more chaos. Life on earth seems to be helpless, and hopeless.

How can You Contribute to World Peace?

Mankind should obviously work on creating a better world and a peaceful society. But what to do? To bring transformation and highly contribute to world peace only a relatively small part of people on earth is enough. However, this is not possible on the material level of life. 

We have to turn inside and connect with the unified field of love, peace and harmonyThis field can be found in anyone, and you can also experience its presence much easier and more practical than you may think. Daily practice of Vedic Meditation is the perfect tool to connect with this infinite field of bliss. 

Moreover, if you connect to this field, it will not only affect you, but all the other people around you. The more people meditate, the more non-meditators experience peace and happiness. Developing your consciousness is not only beneficial for yourself, but it also contributes to  harmony in your environment and ultimately to world peace, as well. 

According to Indian saints and scriptures, if only 1% of people meditated every day, it would bring massive transformation and we could even achieve world peace. This statement is also verified by science and experience:

Most meditators claim that their relationship with other people and the society around them transforms significantly  after starting Vedic Meditation. This is a tangible proof that meditation does affect our surroundings. The principle is the following: transform the world by transforming yourselfScientific studies have also shown that when only a small group of people meditate together, this will have a huge effect on the environment. 

In a study, for example, they found that in cities, where only 1% of people practice meditation, crime rates are significantly lower. Vedic Meditation also makes people more mindful and compassionate to suffering, and brings a lot of other unbelievable benefits.

One of my students, Gary described this process the following way: “It was crazy that only after a few days of meditation even the worst criminal faces smiled at me on the street“. Remember, in the inside, there is a field of love and peace in everyone, but some people are detached completely. 

Join us to create a better world. Now is the time!

Where and how can I learn Vedic Meditation?

Groups of five-ten people can easily learn together. All sessions can be taken in groups, except for the personal instruction, which takes about 45 minutes per person. Everything takes place online, facilitated by the most experienced Vedic teacher of our time.

Learning and practicing the technique of Vedic Meditation is easy, and it doesn’t take a lot of time. However, it is important to find a qualified and experienced teacher, because without the right guidance you can easily do something wrong or miss some important points

Prof. Narada Kush has been a meditation teacher for 40 years and he has taught Vedic Meditation to thousands of people in various countries. Since we live in a digital world, Narada decided to offer his invaluable teachings online. Sign up for a personal online Vedic Meditation course, and change your life forever!

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