80% of Super Successful People Meditate Every Day

80% of Super Successful People Meditate Every Day

Tim Ferriss in his research on the most successful people on the globe found that there is one common denominator: about 80% of the famous businessmen, artists, movie stars and top athletes meditate daily.

The most famous meditators

Some of the most famous meditators: Will Smith, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Jordan, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Aniston, Paul McCartney, Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, Russell Simmons, George Lucas, Howard Stern and thousands more…

If you go on YouTube  we encourage you to do your research  you may find a lot of them, who promote meditation. At first, you may think they just do it because it is trendy. The reality, however, is that they know by intuition that there is more in the universe than just material success and glamour. 

Why do successful people meditate? 

Successful people are busy. They need more inner peace and rest to be able to continue their career. During meditation, our mental activity settles down and we can connect to our inner Self. The Vedic scriptures describe this phenomenon as ‘coming back home’.

Our inner Self is an infinite source of love, happiness, and creativity. Most people are separated from The Source, but with meditation, anyone can re-establish the connection. Doing meditation is the best gift we can give to ourselves.

Every successful person knows that we can’t control everything that happens around us, but we can change the way manage things. For this purpose, meditation is invaluable. By setting a few minutes aside every day to meditate, we can balance out our emotions and release mental and physical stress. In our daily life, we will be able to stay focused on the present and make better decisions. The whole process is going by itself and the results are always the same positive for everybody.

What kind of meditation do successful people do?

The most common form of meditation that is promoted by successful people is Vedic Meditation. It is the simplest, easiest and most effective meditation, supported by a variety of scientific studies. Find out more about the benefits of Vedic Meditation here.

Where and how can I learn Vedic Meditation?

Learning and practicing the technique of Vedic Meditation is easy, and it doesn’t take a lot of time. However, it is important to find a qualified and experienced teacher, because without the right guidance you can easily do something wrong or miss some important points

Prof. Narada Kush has been a meditation teacher for 40 years and he has taught Vedic Meditation to thousands of people in various countries. Since we live in a digital world, Narada decided to offer his invaluable teachings online. Sign up for a personal online Vedic Meditation course, and change your life forever!

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